Make it Personal This Valentine’s Day 2019

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The season of love is now upon. For some, the expression of love comes but once a year. A day that, if you forget, there will be disappointment, no end of hard stares and let’s not forget the silent treatment.  You could turn all that around this year!

If there is someone in your life that deserves the very best this Valentine’s Day, we can go some way to helping you achieve just that!! Treat your Significant Other to a personalised keepsake they will love. From Cuddly Soft Toys to Personalised Jewellery, we have something for everyone.

Let’s face it, whilst they are lovely, chocolate and roses are a bit cliché. They say it’s the thought that counts and if your other half is as sentimental as me, they will love a gift from the heart. Something that tells them how you really feel. Trust me on this ….. It Will Work!

in love

Our Unique Wooden Personalised Cards are not only the perfect Valentine’s Keepsake but can also be framed to take pride of place in your home.






What about her favourite glass of Prosecco? Set the mood for the evening. Like love, let the wine flow.





make me feel


Intimacy is born out of love. Our intimate poems, with a unique design, are a true expression of the love shared between lovers.



more than husband wife


A wallet card is the perfect little gift. Every time they delve into their purse or wallet to spend a penny or two, there will always be a little reminder of you that will make them smile.





What about a Personalised Book that gives your loved a small insight into how they make you feel.



Whether your partner loves poems, quirky gifts or treasured keepsakes, we have something for everyone. We hope we have given you food for thought. Browse through our website to find the perfect gift!

Romantic Gifts

From Everyone at Pure Essence Greetings, we wish you an Extra Special Valentine’s Day!

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Father’s Day 2018 – Gifts for Dad


Where would you be if you were stranded? Where would you be without the next payday loan (or not as the case may be)? Where would you be without a shoulder to cry on or that much-needed advice? Where would you be without DAD? I know where I would be, and it would not be where I am today!

You see my dad is always there, even though he is miles aware. Thank goodness for Facetime! I am so lucky that my children have such a wonderful grandfather, even from a distance and for this reason I want to say thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me and my children.

My Father is not the only dad I admire. My husband is the best and I’m not just saying that. He always goes above and beyond for his kids to give them the best possible start in life. They adore him because of who is he.

We all know that being a father does not make you a dad. So, for those of you who take on the role of being a parent, we salute you! Stepdads deserve appreciation.

I appreciate my dad every day, but Father’s Day gives me the chance to show him just how much. A small gesture goes a long way.

With Dad’s in mind, I have created a range of thoughtful, heartfelt gifts.

If like me, your dad was your first hero, this Fridge Magnet is perfect.

dad hero

If your dad has a sense of humour, he will love this Beer Mug


Sometimes, finding the words can be difficult but our Ceramic Plaques are a unique way say what you really want to say!

dad plaque sml

You present him with a Stylish Leather Wallet. When he opens it, your dad will be touched by the photo wallet card that he finds inside.

baby and wallet

If he likes making his own brew, why not try our personalised bottles that he can re-use over and over again.

own image beer

Whatever your budget Pure Essence Greetings is here to help you find the perfect gift.

To view more Father Day Gift Ideas Click Here

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Thank You to All You Super Dads Out There!

Happy Father’s Day.

We Love You!


Wedding Guide Part 4 – Wedding Favours & Decorations


Dresses & Suits have been chosen. Your Bridal Party Gifts are now ticked off your list. So let’s turn our attention to those finishing touches!

No wedding is complete without wedding decorations. The weddings decorations you choose will make your wedding magical, a once in a lifetime moment to remember. The more personal your wedding decorations are to you, the more sentimental value they will hold.


As a traditional symbol of love, Wooden Hearts are a beautiful addition to your wedding. They can be printed with Names & Date. Your guest will want to keep these as a little momentum of your day. Ideal for table decorations and wedding favours.


Wine Bottle Labels are a unique and practical way of numbering your tables. Labels can be personalised with details of your wedding. We also offer Personalised Bottles that your guest can take home with them as keepsakes.

table 1 label

Use our Wedding Wishing Jar as a unique alternative to a Wedding Gift Book. Each jar comes with 100 tickets for your guests to write their special wishes. Look back on your wedding with treasured memories for years to come.


Our Wedding Signs are becoming more popular not only because they are useful for your guests, but for their shabby chic design. Our metal plaques are displayed on a wooden easel.

guest book wedding

Whether you hire a photo booth or simply take beautiful pictures using a photographer, our Photo Props are a fantastic way of engaging your guests. Your guests will be able to send you a special message, captured on camera!


wedding props


Well, our wedding blog bundle has come to an end. We hope we have given you some fantastic, innovative ideas to make your wedding day spectacular. Check out our website for more Wedding Ideas. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries or a special idea in mind. We are always ready and willing to help!

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We will be back soon but for now, we hope you have the Wedding of your Dreams!!!


Wedding Guide Part 3 – Bridal Party Thank You Gifts

wedding-reception-feat-1-1170x600Before you walk down the aisle, there will be a group of girls who have stood by your side and helped you plan your wedding day. They will want to ensure that your day is everything that you imagined it would be. They will look beautiful, as they lead the way for you to make your grand entrance. Completing what has been a magical day.

For the little ones, our Teddy in a Bag make cute gifts



Personalised Wedding Keyrings  ~ Add a bit of glamour to your wedding with all things that sparkle and glisten.

maid honour

Let’s not forget the dapper men in your bridal party. The Escorts, Ushers, Page Boys and the Best Man. In charge of holding your rings – the symbol of love that will bind you together for life.

Personalised Wedding Word Art Frames  ~ Filled with special memories.

best man blk


Bottle Opener ~ Practical Yet Unique gifts for Men

father bride

Now that we have made sure that the Mother & Father of the Bride/Groom, as well as your Bridal Party is now catered for, we will turn our attention to making your wedding day that little bit more unique with our wedding favours and table decorations. So keep following us. We hope you like what you have seen so far!

Our Full Wedding Gift Collection is available on our website.

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Wedding Guide Part 2 – Mother & Father of the Bride * Groom Thank You Gifts


This is a very special occasion for your parents. A day they will remember. The moment they will sit back and smile with pride. Their children have now become adults, embarking on their own path.

What better time is there to say ‘Thank you for making me the person I am. Thank you for everything’.

Father of the Bride.

Your father is the first man you ever loved, and he is now entrusting your husband with your happiness. Your dad will always be in your corner. He will never be far away. Walking you down the aisle is an emotionally, proud moment. A day your father will never forget.


Mother of the Bride

Your mother has been TEAM BRIDE throughout the planning of your day. Naturally, for being the best mum ever, you want to say thank you for everything.



Father of the Groom

The proudest moment for any father is seeing their son become a man.

father groom

Mother of the Groom

She has watched you grow, seen you fall, picked you up again. Now she watches as you start the second phase of your life with your wife. There will be tears of happiness on your day.

mother groom

If you would like a combined gift, we have a range of gift ideas for Mother and Father of the Bride/Groom.

mother father bride

Our Full Wedding Thank You Gift Collection is available on our website.

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Wedding Guide Part 1 – Will You Be ….

o-BHLDN-facebookWhen planning your wedding, you want the people that mean the most to you to play a significant role. Rather than the standard ‘Will you be …… question over dinner/lunch, via email or phone, there are now so many creative and memorable ways to ask. Below are just a few ideas.

Your wedding day is an emotional, happy occasion for all involved but none more you’re your parents, who have watched you blossom. Through their eyes, you will always be their baby but today is the official handover.

Every girl wants their father to walk them down the aisle. It is a Dad’s proudest moment. For the first man you ever loved, you want to ask him to be by your side in the most thoughtful yet perfect way.

Father of the Bride Ceramic Plaque – A beautiful memento of the day you asked your father to walk you down the aisle.

dad aisle

Now, your mum will want to be involved in your wedding right from the very beginning. Her role in your wedding should not be underestimated. She has waited her whole life to watch you grow start and family of your own. Show your mum how much you appreciate her.

Personalised Mother of the  Bride Glass Plaque – A token of your appreciation

mother will be

We turn our attention to Your Bridal Party

Whether it is the Flower Girl, Bridesmaid or Maid of Honour, their role will complete your day. So what better way to asked them to be a part of your wedding than with our Wedding Heart Plaques. We have a range of verses available, suitable for your best friend, sister and the little ones.

sister be maid

Let’s not forget the men in your bridal party, all looking exceptionally smart. The Ushers will be assisting with the guests while the Page Boys will be there to escort the flower girls, And, oh yes, who could forget The Best Man? She/he is not only a friend but the person you will rely to get your other half to the church on time. So make sure you choose the right gift!

Mini Plaques – A lovely little gesture.

best man

Now that you have your wedding party onboard, the rest of the planning begins.  Why not use our Wedding Planner Journal to help you keep a note of your ideas.


I hope you like what you see so far but there are more ideas available on our website.

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Will be back soon with Wedding Guide – Part 2.

Happy Browsing!




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Personalised Wedding Gifts Guide – Intro

272835-komu-ova-leto-kje-mu-donese-ubavi-vestiLast year we celebrated my Brother’s Wedding. It was an amazing family and friends’ affair. Now, it is a family tradition that we all chip in by doing what we do best. And, of course, I was asked to make the Wedding Gifts. Although I make gifts day in day out, I was still nervous about making the gifts for the Mother & Father of the Bride/Groom and the Bridal Party. After all, who are better critics than your family & close friends? For my Brother and his bride, I wanted to make it special.  To make gifts that, not only the Bride & Groom would be happy with, but keepsakes that the recipients would proudly display on their mantlepiece or make good use of.

I am pleased to say that the Bride & Groom and the recipients were over the moon with their gifts. This gave me even more gift ideas to add to my ever-increasing line of products.

As the wedding season is now gaining momentum, over the forthcoming weeks, I will be proudly presenting our Wedding Gift Collection. Due to the vast range of wedding gifts, we have to offer, I am going to split my blog into 4 parts.

Part One – Asking your loved ones to be a part of your Wedding Day


Part Two – Gifts for Mother & Father of the Bride * Groom


Part Three – Gifts for Your Bridal Party


Part Four – Wedding Reception Decorations


If you can’t wait till then, click here to view our Wedding Gift Range.

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Watch this space. I will back very soon!