Personalised Ways to Say “I Love You”

14th February 2

Communication is a vital ingredient in any relationship. There are many ways to keep the romance alive and nurture the intimacy in your relationship.

In a healthy relationship, there should be no end to the various creative ways to say “I love you.” While saying it regularly does not lessen the meaning, saying it in innovative ways is always a pleasant surprise.

We want to share with you personalised and creative ways to let your partner know how much they mean to you.

Something Special for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is should be enjoyed by lovers and with Valentine’s Day coming up on February 14th, many couples are beginning to think about how they are going to use this occasion to express their love for that special person in their life. How can you say “I Love You” without being boring?  Yes, you can send traditional gifts like roses and chocolates. Although they are lovely, they last less than a week. It is time to get creative, take that love to the next level by getting a unique Valentine’s gift.

Personalised Ways to Say I Love You on Valentine’s Day

forever always

Professing your love for someone may require a lot of courage and a great deal of effort. Gifts from the heart mean more. The right words can help you express how you feel and let your partner know how special they are. Your favourite song or a heartfelt poem is a fantastic way to let your sweetheart know how much you love them. Here are some more romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day and other special occasions.

Surprise your partner this Valentine with a gift that they’ll cherish for years. Personalised Keepsakes are a daily reminder, that last a lifetime. This gift can help your partner store their special memories. It is a unique keepsake, a daily reminder of your special bond.


If you want a gift that will melt your partner’s heart, then get photo gifts that capture special moments and memories. You can create your photo gifts with special effects or create a vector portrait couple that represents you with beautiful wordings on them.

couple canvas wht

Small gifts are the most memorable gifts. Personalised Valentine’s Day card for that special someone should be perfect, from the cover to the writing style, to what the words have to say. Don’t just settle for any card, let it have sentimental value.

promise setIf you are struggling with gift ideas, why not get personalised gifts sets for him or her. These personalised gift sets contain wonderful little keepsakes that will put a million-dollar smile on their faces.

val 3

There are a million ways to say how much you love someone. All you have to do is to be creative and make sure that what you are doing comes from the heart. Surprise your dearest this Valentine with amazing gifts from Pure Essence Greetings.

Spread the Love this Valentine’s Day

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