Wedding Guide Part 2 – Mother & Father of the Bride * Groom Thank You Gifts


This is a very special occasion for your parents. A day they will remember. The moment they will sit back and smile with pride. Their children have now become adults, embarking on their own path.

What better time is there to say ‘Thank you for making me the person I am. Thank you for everything’.

Father of the Bride.

Your father is the first man you ever loved, and he is now entrusting your husband with your happiness. Your dad will always be in your corner. He will never be far away. Walking you down the aisle is an emotionally, proud moment. A day your father will never forget.


Mother of the Bride

Your mother has been TEAM BRIDE throughout the planning of your day. Naturally, for being the best mum ever, you want to say thank you for everything.



Father of the Groom

The proudest moment for any father is seeing their son become a man.

father groom

Mother of the Groom

She has watched you grow, seen you fall, picked you up again. Now she watches as you start the second phase of your life with your wife. There will be tears of happiness on your day.

mother groom

If you would like a combined gift, we have a range of gift ideas for Mother and Father of the Bride/Groom.

mother father bride

Our Full Wedding Thank You Gift Collection is available on our website.

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