Christmas 2016 – Get Festive with Pure Essence Pt 1



As soon as the children return to school after the long summer break, we fast forward to Christmas. With adverts surrounding us as a constant reminder that the Festive Season is soon upon us, it’s no wonder that our thoughts are crowded with gift ideas. Every year we promise to start our Christmas shopping early. Every year, the days fly past and before we know it, it is one payday left to Christmas. We’re left rushing around to find the perfect gifts amidst Christmas Preparations, Parties and Shopping.

Christmas encompasses so much. The exchanging of gifts * festive celebrations *a time to share special moments with Loved Ones, Friends & Family * time to plan for the New Year. So let’s start the Christmas Preparations Now!

There is nothing better than finding the perfect gift. The best gifts are not necessarily the most expensive ones but gifts that are heartfelt, unique and personal.



If you are celebrating your First Christmas together, why not mark this occasion with a personalised Wooden Heart Plaques filled with your most treasured memories.






santaOur little gems believe in the magic of Christmas. Once they have given Father Christmas their list, (promising that they have been good for the past year), children wait excitedly in anticipation of the gifts they will open on Christmas Day. As they sleep with one eye open in hope of getting a glimpse of Father Christmas, why not leave Santa’s milk and cookies in a  Father Christmas Personalised Mug can re-use every year (the beverage can be replaced with your favourite tipple)!

bestieOur friends (unlike Family) are those we choose to have in our lives. Ones that make a difference, a friend that is there in times of need. A True Friend is also known as a ‘Bestie’ and there is no better way to celebrate your friendship or wish a Special Friend a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year than with one of our Personalised Friendship Cushions. A top seller in the friendship department.


sistersetA Sister is more than just a friend. They have experienced so much with you. Been there through thick and thin. For that reason they deserve something special. Our lovely  Sister Handbag Holder Butterfly Keyrings are not only pretty but they are functional too. With our Handbag Holder you will never have to leave your handbag on the floor again. Easy to use and to carry with you as a keyring. Never have to leave home without it.



A time to remember the True Meaning of Christmas. We also have a range of Spiritual and Inspirational Gifts with well know verses as well as spiritual/inspirational poems that we have created. A beautiful way, not only to celebrate Christmas but look forward to the New Year.



This is just a handful of Christmas gift ideas. We shall be introducing more over the coming weeks to inspire you!

Bring a smile to someone’s face and show how much you care at Christmas.

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