Siblings for Life * Friends Forever. Sibling Day ~ 10th April 2018


We celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and as far as I am concerned, it is Children’s Day every day.

Though not recognised so much in the UK, Sibling Day is fast becoming a day of recognition. From the first time of meeting to growing together, the sibling bond strengthens each and every day. It is a very special bond where we share hopes and dreams, tears of sadness and joy and laughter.

Now don’t get it twisted, siblings can be the most annoying, frustrating people that you will ever encounter. From taking your things without permission to purposely forgetting the loan you gave them 3 years ago. Nevertheless, the positives outweigh the negatives and believe it or not, it is one the most fulfilling relationships that you will develop in your life.  It is a relationship where you feel at ease to be yourself, knowing that your sibling is there for you always and vice versa. We should not underestimate the influence of our siblings on our lives.

Sibling Day is celebrated on the 10th April. Although it is not classed as a bank holiday it does not stop you from saying THANK YOU for being in my life. You can use Social Media to tweet and post but if you want to go that little bit further, take a look at some of our sibling personalised gift options. Also suitable for any occasion, from Birthdays to Weddings.

Personalised Fridge Magnet – Small, simple but effective.

sister happiness

Personalised Wallet Card. With this gift, your Brother or Sister will always know that you are thinking of them.

brother precious g

Personalised Heart Plaques filled with loving sentiments.

sister nat heart

Personalised Posters – Personalised with special family messages, occasions, memories.sister precious blk

Keyrings – Create a special gift for your sibling with a heartfelt message.


We have a range of gifts to suit all budgets.

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From Everyone at Pure Essence Greetings we wish you

A Happy Siblings Day!

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Happy Easter 2018 ~ Thankful * Grateful * Blessed

224037698-easter-picsEaster is a fun occasion for children, with Easter Eggs, Easter Hunts and Easter Parades. But there is more to Easter than fun and games. Easter is a time to be thankful for what you have, grateful for what you receive and to appreciate the blessing of life. It is a time for reflection, new beginnings and growth. Having faith to believe in your hopes, aspirations and dreams. Spring is in the air and the seeds that you have sown will soon begin to blossom. We can all benefit from a bit of guidance and inspiration. Below is a range of gifts to celebrate Easter.

Personalised Keepsake Cards – A reminder to carry around with you, with inspirations quotes and verses.

dear lord g

Personalised Inspiring Ceramic Plaques that can be displayed throughout your home. To complement any room.


Our Personalised Cushions are filled with hopes, aspiration and dreams.



Take a look at our Framed Prints, filled with words of wisdom that encourage growth and development.

personal reflection

For all parents and grandparents celebrating a child’s 1st Easter, our cute Heart Shaped Gift tags/Mini Plaques are a beautiful little keepsake.

1st easter blue

We have a range of Personalised Easter Inspired Gifts to choose from. You will be spoilt for choice. Click here to view our collection.

From Everyone at Pure Essence Greetings, we wish you a Spiritual and Fun-filled Easter.

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Thank You Mum ~ Mother’s Day 11th March 2018

mother day emailBeing a mum requires strength, patience, understanding, sacrifice and so much more. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about how thankful I am to have such a loving, caring mother. Now that I am a mum, I appreciate, even more, the sacrifices that were made. So at least once a year we should say ‘Thank you Mum for Everything you have done’. Pamper her, spoil her. Make your mum feel special.

Here are our 5 Top Most Heartfelt Mother’s Day Gifts

Word Art is a beautiful way to collate memories. Our Word Art Glass plaques can be filled with events, dates, special occasions, names of your loved ones’, friends and family. A wonderful unique gift.



Capture each memory with our 9-piece Photo Bracelet. Showcase your life with precious memories of your loved ones or special occasions.


Complete your room with our finishing touches. Not only are our Personalised cushions stylish, they also come with a special message for a Special Mum.



A message straight from the heart. Our natural wood Hanging Hearts are a lovely token of how much your mum means to you.

mothers love

A Personalised Framed Poem will sit perfectly on a mantle piece or on the wall for all to see. A personalised keepsake that your mum can be proud of.

mum blk

Feel free to browse through our collection. To view our selection of gifts for visit

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Your Mum’s worth more than a last minute thought. Don’t leave it too late to buy the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift. Remember…. you are always your Mum’s number one priority. Make your Mum your priority today!

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Valentine’s Day 2018 ~ Shower Her With Love


When you love a girl, you got to let her know. An expression of love is profound and the key to building a long-lasting relationship. Spending quality time together, allows you to connect on a deeper level.

Love is a very powerful emotion and a rollercoaster ride. Take time to focus on what is important and the positive feelings that you share with one another.

Small gestures can go a long way to expressing your feelings. Thinking outside the box shows you are thoughtful and caring. It is also an excuse for you to show your romantic, sensitive side and get brownie points!!

Top 5 Romantic Gifts for Women

Personalise one of our Lovely Heart Plaques with a Slide2beautiful photo of you and your loved one.






always prop

Our Wedding Proposal Giftsets are filled with love. Our scrolls are perfect for framing. Complete with a ‘Marry Me’ Heart Plaque. A Beautiful Memento of the day you proposed.




found you brnA Soft Cuddly Teddy with a Romantic Message. A Sweet Romantic Gesture.









A unique Love Glass Plaque, filled with memories, special dates, milestones and events in your life. A great way to show your loved one how much you love them.




I love you

Complete your room with a beautiful Romantic Satin Effect Cushion. Perfect for scattering on beds and sofas to add those special finishing touches.





We have only given you a small insight into our Valentine Gift Ideas. We have a range of cushions, mugs, soft toys, cards and so much more.

Browse through our website to find the perfect gift!

From Everyone at Pure Essence Greetings, we wish you a

Creatively Inspired & Magical Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s 2018 – Ways to Say I Love You

Affordable Ways to Say I Love You – Top 5 Gifts for Him valentines 2018 for him

Love is one of the most single powerful feeling’s that makes life worth living. Love of Family, Love of Friends. Today we focus on the Celebration of Love between a two people.

Love encompasses so many elements. Romance * Understanding * Respect * Loyalty * Trust plus so much more. Finding your true soulmate is worth more than money can buy.

Many people say, ‘Why only celebrate Love once a year?’. This is very true, love is a gift and should not be taken for granted. Your partner should feel and know that they are loved every day. Sometimes life takes its tolls and, whereas you know the importance of keeping a relationship alive, life itself gets in the way. So, a gentle reminder is not harmful but can add that element of romance and fun, as well as, bring excitement back into your relationship. Valentine’s Day can be a fun-loving way to reconnect with your loved one.

On Valentine’s Day, you do not need to get caught up in the commercialisation of love. You do not need overly expensive romantic gestures to show someone that you love them. The perfect gift can speak volumes. So here we are going to give you some inexpensive ideas that will certainly show your loved one how much they mean to you.

  1. Date Night is possibly the most popular way to commemorate Valentine’s day. This could either be taking your partner out on a lovely date. Or why not cook something special and create the perfect date night at home with food, drink, fun and games.
  2. DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts. Valentine’s day is not always about jewellery and fancy dinners. The thought and care put into creating your own gift can be even more sentimental and effective than something that is shop bought. If handmade is not your forte, you can always turn to Pure Essence Greetings to help you to create the perfect gift.

 Our Top 5 Perfect Gifts for Men


Our Framed Poems are very popular. These are a beautiful affordable alternative to cards that make a sweet little addition to your home. With lovely words as an expression of your love, your partner will definitely be impressed.




black photo

Imagine the look on his face when he opens his stylish new wallet so see a photo of his loved one. Our little keepsakes are a constant reminder that you are never far away.



cufflink photo r

Our Elegant Cufflinks can add style to any shirt and with a special message from you, what could be more fitting?


forever close

Our Unique Street Signs can be displayed with your very own message.





Our Love Keyrings are stylish, solid, yet understated. Let him know that he holds the key to your heart.



So there you have it. There is so much more to choose from on our Website.

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Christmas 2016 – Get Festive with Pure Essence Pt 1



As soon as the children return to school after the long summer break, we fast forward to Christmas. With adverts surrounding us as a constant reminder that the Festive Season is soon upon us, it’s no wonder that our thoughts are crowded with gift ideas. Every year we promise to start our Christmas shopping early. Every year, the days fly past and before we know it, it is one payday left to Christmas. We’re left rushing around to find the perfect gifts amidst Christmas Preparations, Parties and Shopping.

Christmas encompasses so much. The exchanging of gifts * festive celebrations *a time to share special moments with Loved Ones, Friends & Family * time to plan for the New Year. So let’s start the Christmas Preparations Now!

There is nothing better than finding the perfect gift. The best gifts are not necessarily the most expensive ones but gifts that are heartfelt, unique and personal.



If you are celebrating your First Christmas together, why not mark this occasion with a personalised Wooden Heart Plaques filled with your most treasured memories.






santaOur little gems believe in the magic of Christmas. Once they have given Father Christmas their list, (promising that they have been good for the past year), children wait excitedly in anticipation of the gifts they will open on Christmas Day. As they sleep with one eye open in hope of getting a glimpse of Father Christmas, why not leave Santa’s milk and cookies in a  Father Christmas Personalised Mug can re-use every year (the beverage can be replaced with your favourite tipple)!

bestieOur friends (unlike Family) are those we choose to have in our lives. Ones that make a difference, a friend that is there in times of need. A True Friend is also known as a ‘Bestie’ and there is no better way to celebrate your friendship or wish a Special Friend a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year than with one of our Personalised Friendship Cushions. A top seller in the friendship department.


sistersetA Sister is more than just a friend. They have experienced so much with you. Been there through thick and thin. For that reason they deserve something special. Our lovely  Sister Handbag Holder Butterfly Keyrings are not only pretty but they are functional too. With our Handbag Holder you will never have to leave your handbag on the floor again. Easy to use and to carry with you as a keyring. Never have to leave home without it.



A time to remember the True Meaning of Christmas. We also have a range of Spiritual and Inspirational Gifts with well know verses as well as spiritual/inspirational poems that we have created. A beautiful way, not only to celebrate Christmas but look forward to the New Year.



This is just a handful of Christmas gift ideas. We shall be introducing more over the coming weeks to inspire you!

Bring a smile to someone’s face and show how much you care at Christmas.

Click here to browse through our range of gifts. There is so much more the see.

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Pure Essence Personalised Engagement Gift Ideas


An Engagement is Special. It is beginning of a Happy Ever After. Whether you are struggling to find the right words to say or want to give the perfect engagement gift, Pure Essence has a range of personalised gift ideas to suit every budget.

Top Selling Personalised Proposal Gift Ideas –  Memorable Marriage Proposal ideas

Want to propose to your loved one but cannot find the words? Let us help you!!

Setting the scene – Imagine you have created the perfect romantic setting. The time is right for you to propose. You present your loved one with a romantic keepsake, expressing how much they mean to you. You get down on one knee and present the ring. How much more romantic can you get? No one can resist telling their friends and family about one of the most momentous occasions in their life. Now they can have a keepsake to treasure of that special day when you proposed!

marry me gift setOur Poem Scrolls express everything that you want to say to your loved one. Our scrolls are presented in a Scroll Box for that extra special touch. Scrolls are also available with a photo wallet card as a reminder that your loved one can carry with them always.





Personalised Photo Wallets – If you have already started your family and feel that now is the right time to propose, how cute would be to include your children in your proposal with our personalised photo wallet cards?


marry me



Our Heart Proposal Plaques have become increasingly popular. Made with loving care and attention, these are a beautiful addition to our wedding proposal gift collection.



For all Wedding Proposal Gift Ideas Click Here

We have a range of Romantic Gifts Available that are suitable for Loved Ones. To view our full range of Romantic Gifts Click Here

Engagement Gifts

Now that the happy couple are now planning their nuptials, this is now the time for family and friends to join in the celebrations. Bearing in mind that the happy couple have a Wedding Shower/ Hen Night and Stag Night to contend with, we have selection of engagement gifts that are beautiful, simple and affordable.


your engagement


Our Word Art Engagement plaques can be filled with memories that are personal and unique to the special couple.




your engagement date


Engagement Cushion – A personal keepsake that is a lovely addition to their home.





engagement wht



Take a look at our Framed Engagement Poems. The words reflect the true meaning of marriage and a lifetime commitment.





To view our full range of Engagement Gifts Click Here


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