Personalised Wedding Gifts Guide – Intro

272835-komu-ova-leto-kje-mu-donese-ubavi-vestiLast year we celebrated my Brother’s Wedding. It was an amazing family and friends’ affair. Now, it is a family tradition that we all chip in by doing what we do best. And, of course, I was asked to make the Wedding Gifts. Although I make gifts day in day out, I was still nervous about making the gifts for the Mother & Father of the Bride/Groom and the Bridal Party. After all, who are better critics than your family & close friends? For my Brother and his bride, I wanted to make it special.  To make gifts that, not only the Bride & Groom would be happy with, but keepsakes that the recipients would proudly display on their mantlepiece or make good use of.

I am pleased to say that the Bride & Groom and the recipients were over the moon with their gifts. This gave me even more gift ideas to add to my ever-increasing line of products.

As the wedding season is now gaining momentum, over the forthcoming weeks, I will be proudly presenting our Wedding Gift Collection. Due to the vast range of wedding gifts, we have to offer, I am going to split my blog into 4 parts.

Part One – Asking your loved ones to be a part of your Wedding Day


Part Two – Gifts for Mother & Father of the Bride * Groom


Part Three – Gifts for Your Bridal Party


Part Four – Wedding Reception Decorations


If you can’t wait till then, click here to view our Wedding Gift Range.

For first time buyers, you can get a 10% discount on your order

by using Promo Code PEG-130911.

Happy Browsing!



T: 0121 2850685

Watch this space. I will back very soon!


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